We would like to take a moment to recognize and honor members of the law enforcement community worldwide who have made the ultimate sacrifice while protecting our communities and its citizens. Among our fallen brothers and sisters is a special breed of dedicated officers, a breed known throughout the world as The Guardians of the Flame.
Above and beyond their normal duties these officers devoted their time so those with developmental disabilities could realize their potential. They symbolized the protective role and convey the strength, courage and valor that are the hallmarks of those who serve in law enforcement making a positive difference in the lives of our athletes and their families.
Remember their efforts. Remember their dedication. Remember their sacrifice. 


Paradise Island, Nassau, Bahamas

David Baldwin (Colorado)

W M “Mickey” Brooks (South Carolina)

Michael Compare (Connecticut)

Dennis Corley (Missouri)

Julie Gillis (Washington)

Kerri Orozco (Nebraska)

David Payne (Arizona)

Chris Ricks (Missouri)

Floyd Simpson (Texas)

Bill Soper (Maryland)

Kenneth Taylor (Wisconsin)

Peggy Vassallo (Missouri)

Chris Vinson (Texas)


New Orleans, Louisiana

Alyn Beck (Nevada)

Rich Bond (Connecticut)

Dale Brunner (Wisconsin)

James Hornby (South Dakota)

Stacie Napoli (Wisconsin)

Joseph Pellicci (South Carolina)

Scott Johnson (Alaska)

Tom Smith (Northern California)

Gabriel Rich (Alaska)

Amos Ridenour (Montana)

Ross Riley (New York)


Orlando, Florida

Celena Hollis (Colorado)

Gregory Assenmacher (Colorado)

James Davies (Colorado)

Jeremy Bittner (Colorado)

Leide DeFusco (Colorado)

Jeff Whitlow (Montana)

John Clarke (Nebraska)

Jon Coutchie (Southern California)

Kevin Murphy (New Jersey)

Kevin Tonn (Northern California)

Linda Bergstrom (Minnesota)

Mike Joffer (South Dakota)

Peter MacVane (Maine)

Stanley Klingenschmidt (North Carolina)

Tom Clements (Missouri)


Indianapolis, Indiana

Sergio Aleman (Wisconsin)

Amanda Anna (New York)

Brian Bachmann (Texas)

Brian Bray (Kentucky)

Shelly Crowder (Virginia)

Mike Duerr (Wisconsin)

Jim DuPont (Montana)

Eric Fontes (Hawaii)

Dave Hedley (Montana)

Adrian Morris (Maryland)

Pat Pyette (Montana)

Kirk Schmiedge (Alberta)

Stephen Verostko (New York)

David Voster (Wisconsin)


Calgary, Alberta

Bill Eaton (Southern California)

Brett Benton (Kentucky)

Bryan Philip Gross (Wyoming)

Carl Cox (Nevada)

Charles H. Wolbert (Wisconsin)

Dave Severson (Missouri)

Donald Ivie (Missouri)

Garrett Styles (Ontario)

Geoffrey Breitkopf (New York)

James A. Goodman (Wisconsin)

Joe Szczerba (Delaware)

John Falcone (New York)

Kevin Dobson (New York)

Myles F. Burke (Nova Scotia)

Roger Ratelle (Quebec)

Ryan Russell (Ontario)

Suzanne Waughtel Hopper (Ohio)

Thomas J. Baitinger (Wisconsin)

Robert Sargent Shriver Jr. (SOI)


Long Beach, California

Andrew C. Baldridge (Ohio)

Anne AJ Jackson (Washington)

Michael A. Horvath (New Jersey)

Dennis Engelhard (Missouri)

James Szuba (Indiana)

Roy B. Sutton Jr (Indiana)

Drake Turrentine (SOI)

Patrick PJ Johnson (Massachusetts)

Jeffrey B. Shaw (Indiana)

Mark Gallagher (New Brunswick)

Mark Renninger (Washington)

Kenneth Hall (Connecticut)

Doug Weddleton (Massachusetts)



Tom Ballman (Missouri)

Glenn Merideth (Kentucky)

Richard D. Lovett (Illinois)

Robert “Bob” Bell (Maine)

Daniel Picagli (Connecticut)

Joe Anthony Harris (New Mexico)

Mark Dunakin (Northern California)

John Hege (Northern California)

Chuck Coates (Northern California)

Gregory Harmasek (Ohio)

Kenneth Garner (Southern California)

Frank Stecco (Virginia)

Steve Sullivan (Virginia)


Dallas, Texas

Tom Ballman (Missouri)

Darrell “DJ” Baskin (Washington)

Mark Bedard (Minnesota)

William Biggs (Missouri)

Courtney G. Brooks (Maryland)

Jimmy Chevallier (Louisiana)

Robert Douglas (Oklahoma)

Adrian Guerrero (New Mexico)

Scott Hathcock (Utah)

Catherine Heaney (Ontario)

Anne “AJ” Jackson (Washington)

Ronald Anthony Lemon (Arizona)

Chris Reyka (Florida)

Evan Schneider (Montana)

Paul Starzyk (Northern California)


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Abel Marquez (Texas)

John “Scott” Gardner (Texas)

Arlie Jones (Texas)

David Winjum (Wisconsin)

Greg Rahoi (Wisconsin)

Dennis Kasprzak (Wisconsin)

Mary Smith (Alabama)

Richard Loughan (Wisconsin)

Robert Plunkett (Ontario)

William W.T. Alexander (Colorado)


Buffalo, New York

Don Smith (Prince Edward Island)

Patrick Olson (Wisconsin)

Don ‘Barney’ Ipsen (Kansas)

Eric Suthpin (Virginia)

Rodger Blades (Mississippi)

Ruben Orozco (Texas)

Steven Vitale (New Jersey)

Troy Klyn (Ontario)